“Bill has been using his voice to impress since he could form sentences.  When he would play with little cars in the yard and mimic the ambulance or fire truck, his mother would come running to see where the emergency was.  He received his first tape recorder on his 7th birthday and began to parody radio and television commercials.  In one poignant example, the “Tidy Bowl Man” was maliciously flushed down the toilet by a maniacal homeowner.  After a stint in radio, he struck out on his own in voice over.  Bill has experience in corporate, documentary, and commercial  VO.  His voice has been described as warm and authoritative.”   

Hi…this is Bill Neal.  This site is home to some examples of the type of work I do:  Corporate narration (like sales and training videos, computer-based training, audio for the web, etc.), Documentary narration, Children’s books narration and Commercials.  Listen to the demos.  If you don’t hear an example of what you’re looking for, I’ll record your voice-over audition fast and deliver it to you via e-mail.  I will deliver your finished project in the form and format which is most convenient for you.  Thanks for listening. 

At Your Service,